Designs that stay classic

Our mission is to show women how to create looks, develop their own style, and build a personalized jewelry wardrobe with a French touch.

Get inspired and wear your pieces in new ways – classics punctuated with statement items and fantastic styling, of course!

Meet Our Founder and creative director, Sandra

If two traits could define a person, a longtime passion for jewelry and authentic French style are part of my DNA. Both have led me to embrace a successful career as a jewelry designer and celebrity stylist.

From my native Côte d’Azur, I developed a taste for luxury and adventure. My endless creative inspiration is fueled by my travels, antiquing, and treasure hunting around the world. My goal is to turn my fabulous, unique finds into affordable and collectible jewels crafted only from fine metals and precious gemstones in the finest workmanship.

Living between New York and Paris, my collections are carefully crafted in the family’s exclusive Italian ateliers with the same standards as my favorite high-end European brands. My creations are bold interpretations of my vintage finds, and a lot of my pieces are manufactured in exclusive capsule editions to make them collectibles.

I believe that all of the things we find around the world become pieces of ourselves. I have a built a future by searching through the past. My eyes are always on the look out for inspiration. Sometimes old, sometimes new; sometimes just a new way to wear something I already own.

Our motto is to show women of all horizons how to find their own style, create beautiful looks, and build their unique jewelry wardrobe with a French flair. For me, jewelry is the expression of energy and personality of each individual woman. Let us get inspired; wear your pieces in new ways, and have Maison Vir Ven become your new favorite collectibles.

"All the things we find, are pieces of ourselves. I have built a future by searching through the past."

Wear your confidence

Many designs are produced as LIMITED EDITION, to bring bursts of newness each season. These STATEMENT pieces earn their feelings of uniqueness and will become collectibles.


Bold and classic, our jewelry has a distinctive character all its own.


Our jewels can go from day to night, beach to dinner. They are created to work with your style, wherever that takes you.


Each piece is created from a treasured personal collection, making it one-of-a-kind.


Our clover, fish, horseshoe and horn charms symbolize good luck, health and happiness.

Un je ne sais quoi

Each piece can enhance each other and become your own story.

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